A series of small failures

I got a response from the Mormon Church today
November 22, 2008, 7:56 pm
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the brochure for people like me

the brochure for people like me



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WHAAAAAAA!???! ARGH ARGH ARGH! This is such an irritant. I haven’t heard back yet. And…GAH! This SO pushed my buttons. Take the name off your FRICKING records, don’t act like a whole group of controlling, patriarchal…MMMMPH! Oh, this. THIS is why I left the church! Sanctimonious, controlling…BUH! Oh. I dissolve in splutters.

I’m so sorry. Good luck with the ecclesiastical “authorities” who want to prolong this experience so they can feel that they’ve exercised yet another (final) modicum of control over you. And I’ll extend that to myself, since I can only predict the same response.

You deserve a long vacation from there, ma’am.

Comment by Rebekah

i know. i am still considering what to say about this. but believe me, i’m gonna. today. 🙂

Comment by jodimardesich

I love that the brochure says, “Come back, we need you!” but has nothing of substance in it whatsoever. It doesn’t even try to point out why you may benefit from the church outside of veiled references to eternal damnation.

How are they showing mercy, love and understanding to the gay community? How is what they have done good?

Comment by anotherjenn

Hey! I got the same letter yesterday too! It was even typed by the same person. The only differences are the names. I thought about writing back something like, “You know, I’m no longer a member of your organization, so I don’t care about your bureaucratic b***s***, but can you send me a letter telling me when you’ve totally erased me from the Mondo Database? Thanks.”

Comment by mirele

Dear, Sweet Jodi: You’re being given the runaround. According to mormonnomore.com [under “returned letters”]: “Unfortunately, occasionally Member Records will return your letter of resignation to you, with a claim that you have to find the local bishop or branch president and that you have to give your resignation to that person.. My guess is that they usually do this when they get a resignation from a person who they think has not used this website, which means they think the person doesn’t know what his/her rights are.”

There is a follow-up letter on the website for this situation — complete with media and legal threat — and BE SURE to include 1) a copy of THE COPY your original letter [if they sent it to you] as it is supposed to have a date stamp for when they received it; 2) a copy of the letter they sent you; 3) If you can, send the follow-up Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. That way, someone must sign for it [no pun intended] and you have a record of its receipt and date of receipt. YOU ARE NO LONGER A MEMBER FROM THE DATE THEY RECEIVED YOUR ORIGINAL LETTER!!! Ergo: They CANNOT threaten you with excommunication or other disciplinary action.

I read you moving letter on signingforsomething.org and have wished you well and blessed ever since. I’m not, nor have I ever been, a Mormon… can’t even say that I’ve personally know many in my 50+ years. But experiences like yours and others I’ve read hurts my heart and I hope you and your former ex-mormons find the peace you seek. Take care!

Comment by GraciesDaddy/John

I just um, figured out something. In your letter (precisely like mine, since I totally used yours as my template) you state:

“Therefore, I ask you to promptly complete the form “Request for Administrative Action”, and forward it to the Stake President. You will need to send me a letter telling me that you have done so.

Not sure if html tags work, but…maybe this is that letter?

Comment by rebekah

i don’t think this is the letter. they’re saying the bishop has to be involved. i haven’t heard from him yet. let me know what happens with your request! xoxo

Comment by jodimardesich

“eternal consequences….” If ever there was a reason why not to believe in any God, IMHO, resorting to “hell” is maybe the best one for me. Indeed, if our positive actions are guided by eternal damnation, how positive can they really be? Sometimes I’m depressed by religions “air-tight” hold on the minds, and the peace of mind, of so many. Thomas Paine claims that after hearing the violence of Jesus’ death at age 9, he thought this christianity business was bunk. But why can’t the rest of us be similarly intellectually brave? I feel a responsibility to help people break their chains, after all, life can be really beautiful if we just relax….:)

Sorry I’m kinda off topic, but good luck with this process, interesting…

Comment by Matt

Well, good luck with that. I’ve read and heard other similar accounts of people being given the runaround, told to show up for a church court or whatever. This is part of the reason I never formally resigned from the church. (The other, overarching reason being that once I stopped believing and dropped out my feeling was that they have no authority over me.) Did you see the segment in the PBS documentary “The Mormons” where the woman talks about her excommunication, how after they tell her they are depriving her of eternal light and life they insist on pleasantly shaking her hand? Ugh.

Comment by Jennifer D.

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