A series of small failures

Gogo has a new home, and his new name is Eddie! no, now it’s Dover!
January 2, 2009, 10:11 pm
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Gogo and Didi -- where it all started

Gogo and Didi -- where it all started


I’m torn. I want to be happy for Gogo, but is there just a bit of me wanting to be right, to say, “i told you so?”  Yes, it’s there, and I don’t like it. I am happy he’s alive. I’m glad I don’t have his death on my conscience.

But I feel like I failed him.  I wasn’t willing to work with him. Sure, I could have gone into deeper debt to send him to camp, but bottom line, I didn’t believe in him. I knew, deep down, that he wouldn’t stop biting Tyler’s kids, and I was worried he would bite others, possibly even me. Night before last, Elliott’s new pug bit me on the upper lip. He was just playing, and didn’t mean it. Just a tiny needle of a fang, but man, it hurt. Gogo’s bites, I don’t even want to think about them, especially on a beautiful little girl’s mouth.

So, now, he’s been through a month of Wasatch Canine Camp and has done some training with kids (muzzled), and Bethany’s mom is adopting him. Gogo has been renamed Eddie (which means benevolent protector). 

Just heard from Bethany. Her nephew wants to name him Dover. So, Dover it is. 

Hello, Dover! Please don’t bite anyone else!

Bethany has invited me (several times) to visit him at Pack to Basics, her Saturday afternoon dog socialization class.  I think I’m going to go, and bring Pooka. She could use a little socialization. Bethany says that as long as I don’t get too affectionate with Gogo, he should be okay.  Maybe I should be more worried about myself and how hard it’s going to be to see him and then leave him again.

It’s been really weird to surrender him and yet be able to watch his progress. Sort of like an open adoption. (I just watched Juno.) Bethany has a blog, where I’ve been reading updates on Gogo. There are even videos! Gogo on the treadmill is pretty funny. It was really hard to see him panting and stressed out at first, and to see him hiding in the corner, avoiding the other dogs. I just saw this ad for him today. So, now he has a home. I asked her to guarantee that he wouldn’t be around children, and he is. I have to just let this go. She saved his life.

You’ve come a long way, Gogo/Eddie/Dover. From the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico, to the snowy mountains of Utah. Here’s Gogo just before we left Puerto Rico, fat and happy on the beach.


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