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suspiciously space-age lasagna
February 4, 2009, 12:29 pm
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after 10 days in the cupboard, unfrozen

after 10 days in the cupboard, unfrozen

I’ve been on the master cleanse for nine days now. Last night I was looking around in the cupboard for some herbal tea and noticed a box I didn’t remember putting there. Oh, right, I thought, it must be some of the food my Sundance roommates gave me when they left — they didn’t want to lug stuff all the way back to Toronto with them. I didn’t even look in the bag, and when i unloaded the bag into my cupboard, I must not have looked at it either. Last night, in my cupboard, I saw a red box that said lasagna on it. 

Hmm. lasagna in a box? Interesting. I pulled it out of the cupboard. And looked at it. And realized it should have been in the freezer.

It’s been thawed for ten days already, I thought. Let’s take a look!

I imagined it would be covered in mold, but no, it’s a perfectly preserved square of lasagna. The packaging wasn’t even bulging.

The box says “no preservatives,” but how can that be? A freshly made piece of lasagna in the refrigerator would have had mold on it by now. An unrefrigerated piece? 

No, I didn’t eat it! I don’t like to eat anything out of a box. I usually throw food away after a few days — something about wanting what I eat to be filled with life force. Especially after not eating for so long. It didn’t even look or seem like food. More like a science project.

Wondering if the dogs would eat it (I’m dogsitting for Jack, my brother’s family’s boston terrier), I put it on the floor. Jack started in on it. I whisked it away before he could take a bite.  it definitely made it past the sniff test for him. He’s still kinda longing for it. I think i made him sad. Poor baby, on his first morning away from his home for the first time. Maybe I should have given it to him. My nephews feed him from the table all the time.


notice the "no preservatives" at the bottom left!

notice the "no preservatives" at the bottom left!



Okay, back to making jewelry.